Ancestors of Rev. J. P. Godbey
Ancestors of Rev. J.P. Godbey

(Circa 1930)

Thomas Godbey, of Elizabeth City Co. Va., reached Virginia on the Deliverance, the second ship sent by the Virginia Co., in 1608. Born 1587, died Dec. 1628, when accidentally killed by a visitor. He left a son;

Thomas Godbey, planter, of Elizabeth River, Lower Norfolk, Va. Born 1623, died February 1653, naming his wife Anne as executrix.

His son, Thomas Godbey, also of Elizabeth River, Va., married Anne Jacob. His will was proved February 21, 1686. His son,

Edward Godbey, of Christ's Church Parish, Middlesex Co., Virginia, died 1707, leaving as his youngest child,

John Godbey, a large landholder in Caroline Co., 1734-1761. Of his descendants more than 100 were distinguised Preachers, Educators, and Editors; he was baptized April 2, 1705. His son,

William Godbey was born 1725 or 1735. Little seems known of him, other than that he had a son,

John Godbey was born in 1752, and was a Revolutionary Soldier. One record states that he was born at Godbey's Bluff, New River, Pulaski Co., Va. (now W.Va.) or in Caroline Co., Va. That record states that he died in 1803, and lived in New Revier, Va., until he went to Green Briar Co., Va. He inherited a strong Quaker tradition from the third Thomas Godbey (above), received his share of an estate in slaves, but was converted to Methodism by the preaching of Thomas Asbury, and immediately manumitted his slaves, providing for them according to the laws of Virginia (this is confirmed by the personal property tax list of Caroline Co. for 1783 which shows that he had no slaves, two horses and two oxen being his only taxable property). None of his descendants ever held slaves though living in slave owning sates. Four of his grandchildren became Methodist ministers. He moved to W. Va. in 1784. His son,

William Godbey was born on January 18, 1781, in Caroline Co. He moved to Casey Co, Kentucky, about 1803. He died November 27, 1876 at nearly 96 years of age. Four of his large family were Methodist preachers. Of these, two of them each had four sons who were also Methodist preachers. Another history shows that William Godbey (IIIa), was born January 7 or 18, 1781, in Caroline Co., Virginia. He died April 28, 1876 or November 27, 1876 in Casey Co., Kentucky, at the age of about 96. He is buried in Bethelridge Cemetary. He married Sarah Smith in Green Co., Va., about the 1st of the year in 1801. He came to Kentucky about 1790 or 1803 with Samuel Kelly and settled in adjoining counties. He had many children, including

John G. Godbey (IIIa), who married Orphy Kelly July 23, 1823. He was born December 23, 1801 or 1803. His parents were William Godbey (IIIa) and Sarah Smith. He married Orphy or Orpha or Prtha Kelly July 23, 1823, in Pettis Co., Missouri. He was killed by lightening at 83 years. (Most of the above is from Burke's Landed Gentry, 1939 p. 2709)

Rev. William B. Godbey, the famous "Sanctification" champion was the oldest son of Rev. John Godbey. His brother Rev. Josiah P. Godbey did not follow him in his Sanctification theories and was educated at Central College, Fayette, Mo. He joined the Missouri Conference and lived and died a member of it. Josiah P. himself had known and talked with his grandfather, William, the Kenntucky pioneer up to the latters 87th year, when Josiah P. came to Missouri.

Another son of William Godbey was Josiah Godbey b. June 30, 1817 and d. April 20, 1890. Of the six sons of Josiah Godbey, only William, the eldest leaves a child to perpetuate the Godbey name. William's sons are: Allen H., Prof. of Semantics Duke University; Victor A., Presiding Elder of Marshall District E. Texas Conf.; Prof. Ernest Godbey, principal Public School, Houston, Texas; Walter A., Principal of Shepherd School, St. Louis; J.E. Godbey. Allen Howard Godbey, of Durham, NC, Naturalist, Archaeologist, Orientalist; Member, Palestinian Oriental Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science, etc., Pastor, Professor, Editor; sometime Prof of Pre-Biblicval History and Pre-Mosiac Hebrew Religion at Duke Univ., Joint Editor of the first American Edition of The Code of Hammurabi; Author of The Lost Tribes a Myth, New Light on the Old Testament (3 editions) Pre-Mosiac Hebrew Religion and other books, b. Nov. 21, 1864 educated at Morrisville College, M.A. (1883), University of Chicago, Ph.D. 1905; m. June 16, 1892 Emma Lisbeth, dau. of John Moreland and Susan Hunter, both descended from Scottish Covenanters.

Washington Campbell Bates b. Nov. 18, 1818, d. Sept 7, 1898 Nancey Gambel Kerr (Pronounced Carr) b. August 20, 1822 in Augusta County, Va. They were married Feb. 20, 1844. Susan Sarilda Bates was born Jan. 4, 1845 John William Bates b. Feb. 19, 1847 Thomas Maxin Bates b. Oct. 30, 1848 Emma Bates b. Oct. 20, 1851 Elanora (note spelling) Bates b. April 12, 1853 (married Rev. J.P. Godbey) Robert Adolphus Bates b. Nov. 21, 1854 James Buchanan Bates b. Dec. 1, 1856 Virginia Bates b. Nov. 10, 1858 d. Feb. 16, 1862 Jefferson Davis Bates b. March 17, 1861 Katie Lee Bates b. August 17, 1863

Josiah Perry Godbey was born March 27, 1844