Welcome to Godbey.org, a web site for Godbey (and Godby) family history.

The information on this site is drawn from a variety of sources. My father, Rev. Charles P. Godbey, has shared with me information that he has collected information over the years. I have found some books I never dreamed existed on the Internet. For example, the dramatic poem Godbey, by the famous poet Edgar Lee Masters (which my brother David discovered initially) was a delightful surprise.

The single most important resource for anyone studying the Godbey family, however, is the wonderful book Godbey - Godby, written by Margie (Sexton) Richards, of Springfield, Illinois. She collected a remarkable amount of information about the family and her efforts underlie this web site. The book is some 300 typed pages, including extensive genealogical information. In this day of word processing, I cannot imagine the effort it must have taken to prepare her book. It must truly have been a labor of love. I am very grateful to her.

Bob Godbey
Honolulu, Hawaii